Femme Friday :: What is the easy way to win a woman’s heart? For the guys.


Guys, so you want to know the answer to the above? You have come to the right place.

Q: What is the easy way to win a woman’s heart?

A: There is no easy way!

But, I do have some links that will help you step up your game 😉

Here are some of my recommendations, all you need to do is click and you’ll be sent straight to the wesbites:

1. Read the Guy’s and Girl’s Guide to Marrying Well from Boundless.org.

2. If you are in the friend-zone and you are not sure where things are going, do this ‘Determine the Relationship’ Test.

3. Learn to express your emotions healthily. Girls love a man who knows when to cry and when to keep his emotions in check.

4. Brush your teeth , and keep your breath fresh- you would be seriously surprised at how much bad breath matters to women- you could be the most amazing guy but if your breath is dodgy then, hmm… Also, shower every day before you emerge in public and smell nice- every woman loves a man who smells good!

5. Most importantly, be a man under the leadership of Christ. You can get help to do that here, here, here, here, and here.

What do you think guys?

Thank you for reading.



4 thoughts on “Femme Friday :: What is the easy way to win a woman’s heart? For the guys.

  1. hahaha, thanks for the tips, Shula :-)! Here is my response to each of your points 🙂
    #1. I’ve read the Guys guide,twice and will probably read it again before the year ends. Have been following boundless for as long as I can remember (have all 280+ podcasts) 😉
    #2. Eish,…. done the DTR test, and…; well let’s just say that’s a story for another time.
    #3. I’m covered here, I’m an artist.:-) All of us, creative types are very much in tune with our emotions, we ain’t scared to let them show 🙂
    #4. I’d don’t think I can be accused of being a “stinker”, I clean up pretty good.
    #5. Working on this daily..


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