Girls, Guns & How To Solve the Problem of Dangerous Guys


On Thursday 26 April this story about an alleged shooting that took place on the Rhodes University (RU) campus was reported. Two lives were lost in the deadly incident, including that of a 21 year old female RU student. 

Since the story broke many have expressed their views on Facebook and Twitter, most expressing shock and disbelief. I’ve also come across photos of the student and although I don’t know her personally, I recognise her face and I know many reading this do too (RU is a small enough university).

This incident highlights so many issues that have been raised recently. Particularly the issue of violence against women as well as the prevalence of gun violence in South Africa. All of these are conversations that must be had! In the midst of all the debate and commentary, I’ve been trying to figure out what the right response is. Have you been trying to make sense of it too?

Right now, my response is grief.

Because she was a daughter, a sister and a friend to someone
Because she had her whole future ahead of her
Because she is more than a criminal investigation or a trending topic.

Someone out there feels her absence in a non-intellectual, non-political way. And I just want to take a moment to honour that and this woman who is gone too soon.


Photo taken in Grahamstown, South Africa