I’m a law student who is passionate about justice, leadership and creative communication. My dream is to see identity, beauty and strength restored to women. 

I write about topics that are important to people and enjoy engaging with them about every day issues. I am not afraid to talk about things that people shy away from. I am in search of the Truth and Iike to ask difficult questions. I write not because I have the right answer but because I believe that the search for Truth must begin with a conversation.

I believe in God. I believe that the Message of a man who walked the earth 2000 years ago is still relevant today. And so is His life. And His death. I believe that Jesus is the Christ and want to make my life about discovering what that means. I love to share my belief in Him and how much I have changed because I know Him.

I love people.

I love the outdoors, beautiful cities, caramel popcorn and am an aspirant tech geek.

To connect with me > follow me on Twitter: @ooeygooey and check out my Instagram page: at_ooeygooey.

Please give this blog a follow and feel free to share my posts with friends!

Thanks for reading.



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