TCT :: does your (D) cup overfloweth?


Would you ever get a boob job? That’s the topic a friend of mine were discussing the other day. We sat in the restaurant like teenage girls, whispering quietly and making inappropriate jokes. #Totesinappropes. My friend says she would get a boob job and gave some really interesting reasons for. This week, I went around asking women that same question. Most of the responses were negative and fell into three broad categories. Here they are:

1. The “God don’t make ugly” argument.

The argument is that if God created us in a certain way then it would be an insult to Him to change it. If God in His sovereignty assigns a double portion to a woman then that is what he has intended – a woman must be content with the assignment she has been given. Those with smaller portions should not seek to artificially increase their portion. Getting a breast enlargement would be to throw God’s work in His face. All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small… the Lord God made them all! If we extended this argument, does that mean that it is not right for a person to chemically process their hair, are we to leave all things ‘as God made them’?

2. The “My body, my choice.” argument.

The emphasis here is on a woman’s right to make choices about her body, independent of society’s (or a man’s) opinion of it. Someone holding this view asserts that going under the knife to change your boobs would amount to conforming to society’s (or a man’s) ideas of what a real woman looks like.It is not only bad forΒ  the woman personally but it is bad for women as a group because it encourages the objectification of women. But what about about a woman’s right to choose to have her breasts enlarged regardless of what society (or a man) thinks- surely the argument can work both ways?

3. The “Health risk” argument.

The argument here is that breast implant procedures, because they are surgical procedures, are a serious health risk and a risk not worth taking. Here people differentiate between surgery that is “necessary” ad surgery that is merely cosmetic. To take an example: having a procedure to fix a busted (whoop, there it is!) knee would be justifiable but having your boobs enlarged would be unnecessary. Consider this though: a woman who was diagnosed with cancer has to have a mastectomy done which will leave her completely flat chested. In that situation, if she elects to have implants, is that justifiable or unnecessary? Where do we draw the line?

This question: Would you get a boob job? is one that really goes to the heart of a woman’s self image. If you are flat-chested you may feel less womanly than your more well endowed sisters. You may even have had to endure joke after joke from your friends about how you are an ‘ironing board’ and (one that I heard recently) have mosquito bites on your chest. If you are more well endowed you may have endured teasing too and your one reason for hating sport is that.

Or maybe you are completely happy with your body.

The best answer may not be one that is backed up by the most well supported (see what I did there?) arguments. Actually, it is one that comes from a place of being secure in the fact that our worth as women does not come from how we look but it comes from God who has endowed worth on us, independently of our outward appearance. This ought to be the foundational basis for every choice that we make about our bodies.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, men and women.

Thanks for reading.



6 thoughts on “TCT :: does your (D) cup overfloweth?

  1. thandeka

    Nah I don’t see myself getting a boob job…I like my small boobies πŸ™‚ and not planning on upgrading to a D let alone B anytime soon πŸ™‚ (but you never know what the next 20 years could hold…)

  2. Nah… I had this discussion with my cousin when we were younger, and she said she would if breastfeeding reduced the size of her boobs… And for the first time I thought about it.

    But I have no hangups about mine, and pass no judgement on those who might want reduction or enlargement done (and as Leboa says, some people need reductions for medical reasons). The yes/no argument is as just fraught as any natural/processed hair or abortion question (did I just say that!). I think I’m on the fence about this one; I feel it’s up to each woman to decide.

    • Hi Shona Tiger

      Hm, the effect of breastfeeding is one that I have not thought about! I know that pregnancy and breastfeeding can really take a toll on a woman’s body and some women got their confidence back after they got some work done…

      It is a very controversial issue and definitely one that each woman needs to wrestle with (if she was ever faced with the option).

  3. LeboA

    I’m of the mind that if I ever have children, I will breast feed for the full (18?) months…that being said, considering my current…portion πŸ˜€ I would get implants, but I’d try my best to get implants that return me to my former glory (hahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahha!)

    while i do agree that God made us all fearfully and wonderfully, the way he wants us to be, I also feel that sometimes we take this “au naturel” stuff way too far. Personally, as long as we don’t use enlargements/reductions for perversion and to cause others to lust after us, why not? Plus, some people NEED reductions. I’ve heard so many aunts, friends (and randoms) complain about back pain because their boobs (can I use that word?) are just too big

    • Hi LeboA

      Yip, I think the need for a reduction is legit, even if it is just so that you can find clothes that fit. I personally would not get them because I would never want to go under the knife unless I absolutely have to, I have a fear of complications from surgery, all those Extreme Makeover-esque shows put me off.

      Surely one should be entitled AT THE LEAST to be restored to their former glory? Hear hear!

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