Why I Call Myself the Sheepish Shulamite :: this is my 100th post!


“I’m bad, I’m bad! You know it!”

Michael Jackson

My blog stats tell me that this is my 100th post – hurray! It has been a long time coming (since 9 August 2011) and I feel like my dogged determination to publish every week has payed off. So I have decided to celebrate this moment with a new look for the blog- I hope you like it! Also thought I would share some other stats:

All time views:

3, 106

Most popular topics (based on views):


Jesus/ Bible



Country with the most views:

South Africa

Cool countries I have received views from:

Iraq, Nepal and Brazil (moving there next year!)

About the name.  A few of you have asked me what the story is behind the blog name. Firstly, ‘the shulamite woman’ is the female character in what is one of my favourite pieces of writing – the Song of Songs. Read it, it is beautiful! Theologians have different ideas about who the woman is and she is quite a mysterious character. My friends began to call me The Shulamite as a joke because I could not stop talking about the book, so I owned the name! I am sheepish for two reasons. Firstly, because I often find myself feeling “[slightly] embarrassed defiant embarrassed because [I] know that [I] have done something wrong or silly”, I make a lot of mistakes. I am also sheepish because I follow the Good Shepherd and even though (like a sheep) I am not really smart and I lose my way sometimes, He’s always there to grab me by the feet and drag me back to the sheep pen.


Thanks for reading.




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