Femme Fridays:: Three “You are…” Truths That You Need To Pass On To Your Little Sister


The Bible says that there is the power of life and death in the tongue. By the words we speak we can build or destroy.

Our words are especially powerful when spoken to people we have an influence over. By virtue of you being an older brother or sister, you automatically have an influence over your little sister. You even have an influence over that eye-rolling, gum popping girl who on occasion channels Miley Cyrus or Nicki Minaj. Today I want to encourage you to use your words to encourage the younger woman in your life – she needs to know the truth about who she really is.

Here are my thoughts on three truths that you need to pass on to your sister:

#1 You are beautiful.
Every woman or little girl needs to know that there can never be a more beautiful version of her. My sisters taught me everything I know about beauty and fashion – they taught how to dress so that I don’t look like a Christmas tree (although that’s apparently in fashion now?) and when they told me I was pretty, I believed them. They called out the woman in me and constantly affirmed my beauty even when all I wanted to be was a tomboy.

#2 You are wanted.
Over and above being loved, every woman needs to know that she is desirable, that she is wanted. When you want something you pursue it and you channel your energy towards obtaining that thing. Your little sister needs to know that she is worthy of being wanted and pursued because in her life she will often face the pain of rejection. Tell her the story of the Gospel, of the God-man who voluntarily humbled Himself and suffered death because God valued relationship with us that much. Be the voice that tells her that her experiences do not have to define her because the truth is that she is desired, longed for and pursued by God.

#3 You are great.
Within the heart of every little girl or woman is a seed of greatness. This seed will only germinate and flourish if cultivated. The first step in the process is you recognizing that in your little sister and telling her, over and over again. Encourage her to seek out what her purpose is, speak of her significance in the world and her capacity for greatness. Teach her that her passions are important, celebrate her in public. Tell her what you see in her. Don’t assume that she knows.

These truths need to be passed on to your little sister because her understanding of them will have a bearing on how she makes the big decisions in her life like whether to pursue an education, who to marry and what vocation to follow.

And to those of us who don’t have an older sister to tell them, hear it from me:

You are beautiful.
You are wanted.
You are great.

Thank you for reading.


What are your thoughts?

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