Motivation Monday – Relationships are worth fighting for : 3 tactics


Yet another Monday has come upon us – wow! I am convinced that Monday comes around way faster than any other day! When a new week begins I always feel like it’s a chance for me to start again and I take advantage of it and make some new resolutions, especially relational ones.

Throughout this week, we’ll be hit with situations that will make us want to give up on our relationships – with our family, our friends, our colleagues at work. Some of us may still be carrying an offense or irritation in our hearts from past weeks. But we can start again because relationships are worth fighting for!

Here’s how:

1. Be on the offensive and choose to open up to people when all you want to do is withdraw.
Every relationship needs a degree of vulnerability, the degree depends on the nature of the relationship. Vulnerability is not the same as weakness. It’s about being genuine about who you are – your strengths and struggles. Vulnerability is not just for you, those around you need to see it, it makes you more relatable.

2. Resist the voice that tells you that you’re isolated and overlooked.
This lie is designed to make you alienate yourself from people, resist it. When I think of resistance, I see a picture of a rugby scrum, a team of men in the ready position, heads down, knees bent, ready to apply all force against the opponent. We need to take that stance with thoughts like these – continuous, steady force against lies that come against us.

3. Guard your heart fiercely with the knowledge that you’re loved,wanted and important.
Jesus said that the issues of life flow from the heart. Anything that comes out of you can be traced back to what’s going on in your heart. Great, healthy, loving relationships flow from a heart that is secure and filled with love. Remind yourself as often as you need to of the fact that you are loved by people and are desirable and let your relationships flow out of that place.

This week, decide who is most important to you in life and fight for that relationship!

Thanks for reading.

What are your thoughts?

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