Motivation Mondays – 3 reasons why this week is a good week for you


To keep me blogging regularly I’m going to start writing stuff along certain themes. The first of these is called “Motivation Mondays” and you can come here when you’re in need of motivation to get started or to keep going!

Here’s something I posted as a status on Facebook that got a great response from my friends. My 3 reasons why this week is going to be a great week for you:

1. You’re going to live it on purpose.
This week is your week to start doing life intentionally- at your job, at school and in your relationships.

2. You’re going to choose to be quick to forgive and difficult to offend.

This is Joyce Meyer’s line. Offense and unforgiveness are self-imposed prisons. Choose to keep a short record of wrongs and live free!

3. You’re going to remind yourself that you are loved and significant.
Whatever happens this week, don’t lose sight of who you are! Remind yourself!

Have a good day!

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What are your thoughts?

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