Do you think you’re beautiful?


“You don’t know you’re beautiful, oh-oh-oh, that’s what makes you beautiful!” One Direction

Do you think you’re beautiful?  A few women would confidently say yes, most would not be sure. And any man I ask would almost definitely give me a strange look. But it is such an important question! And I believe that our answers to that question will say a lot about our relationships- the way we love people, our ability to receive people’s love.

“To the degree you experience God’s love towards you – seeing you as beautiful and radiant – to that degree sex won’t ruin your life.”

Tim Keller

Another Tim Keller quote that I love! Within these words are a few simple truths that I’m excited to share with you in my next two posts.

1 God loves you. His love is something you can experience.

This week a new friend of mine said to me: “I always knew God loved me but now I know God loves me!” What she was saying was, in her head she always knew that God loved, “for the Bible tells me so.” After years of knowing God’s love as something distant, she encountered God’s love in a personal and real way, she felt it for herself.

2 God sees you and has an opinion of you.

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.” Jeremiah 1:5

For most of my life I have struggled to see God as a person as opposed to a very powerful force. Seeing God as someone with thoughts and feelings, someone who sees and hears. But it is all over the Bible. In the Old Testament God expresses a whole range of emotions: pleasure, sadness, anger, compassion. Here the Holy Spirit is described as being: patient, kind, loving, joyful – all things that say He is a person! There is nothing that moves my heart more than knowing that the most powerful and important person in the universe sees me, knows me and loves me. This is profound!

3 God thinks you are beautiful and radiant.

This truth has everything to do with Christ’s work on the cross and very little to do with whether you abs are to die for or you’re shaped like a goddess. I am currently in the process of watching the movie Cloud Atlas- it’s a long movie! If you have not watched it, I will try not to spoil it for you. My favourite story line involves a guy who saves a girl who is almost definitely going to be put to death. He fights of all the baddies and constantly risks his life and one wonders why! He brings her to his home where he gives a beautiful room and pretty clothes and feeds her. As she spends time with him, she comes to realise who she really is, how important she is, how beautiful she is. She realises that she is not like anyone else and she has a significant role in the universe.

The Bible constantly refers to Christ’s Church as the bride. Those who have put their trust in Christ’s salvation are collectively “the bride of Christ”. This metaphor is important because it speaks of beauty, radiance and purity. It speaks of us. The spiritual reality of salvation is this: the Gospel changes us and enables us to receive God’s love. God’s love transforms us and makes us beautiful and pure.

There is so much more to this. We have barely scratched the surface. But my point is this : to those of you who have put your trust in Christ, Christ has made you beautiful!

Look out for the continuation!


What are your thoughts?

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