Help! I don’t fast well.


For the last two days our

church (His People Church Grahamstown) has been corporately fasting and praying. The focus is on preparing for our annual mission to Rhodes University which happens during their orientation week. I totes (#hipster) believe that fasting is something all Christians should do (here’s why), I believe that it is very New Testament but I am bad at it! Here are my problems:

1. Indecisive I can never settle on what I’m actually going to give up. During fasting days my fast changes in composition, duration, and most of the time I just give up altogether!

2. Motive I am constantly questioning my motives. Are you sure you are not being licentious legalistic about this? If you’re honest, this is a weight loss thing, isn’t it?!

3. Less time spent with God, more time spent being anxious about whether I’m doing it right! This is probably my biggest issue! Fasting is a spiritual discipline but I struggle to bring the focus to God. I feel a little bit like a pretender when I open my Bible over lunch instead of making my way to the dining hall. It feels forced!

4. Guilty when I do, guilty when I don’t. Sigh. Need I say more?

I know fasting is important and I want to get it right. For now, I’m on a learning curve. I’d love to hear from you, any thoughts?


What are your thoughts?

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