Because Movember was a great month! 😀

The Sheepish Shulamite

Ok so that topic may be a silly play on the “Every Man…” books by Stephen Arterburn. But those books aren’t silly. And neither are beards.

Beards are cool.

I think beards are manly. And as my band leader Sean pointed, sometimes womanly.

The topic of beards always sparks some great conversation. Like the conversation I had on mission about whether women like or hate beards.  Should the government subsidise those who choose to grow beards for the benefit of humankind? Should we be looking into designating a special power dedicated to stimulating the hair follicles?

Today my thoughts about beards were triggered by this really cool “while-you-watch” sketch 🙂 There are some other ones I like but this is my favourite 🙂Moustached- odosketch

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