the identity series : an introduction


Several weeks ago I was reading this post by Jonathan Helser. Please read it. If you do so this post will make sense.

I have heard that story told before and at the time I was moved by what a wonderful picture of the intimacy between God and His children it is. But when I read it for myself I saw something different, something I never expected to see. I saw myself in Jonathan’s little girl:

“Without any words she ran and stopped in front of me wearing the new dress she had picked out… She was waiting to be defined by my voice. Her little heart was like clay waiting on my thoughts to shape her.” (J Helser Your thoughts define me 2010)

His words got me thinking about how a woman’s identity is shaped. In my next few posts I am going to be sharing more thoughts about what it was that struck me about that picture Jonathan paints with his words. I will mainly be looking at how our sense of identity manifests itself through our relationships with people and I am hoping to get some God-answers.

Any thoughts of Jonathan Helser’s post?


What are your thoughts?

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