Hide or Go Seek?


“A woman’s heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her.”

Maya Angelou

In the last few posts we have discussed the issue of a woman’s desire for marriage, particularly where we are wrestling with feelings directed at specific people. The question always asked is: What do I do in the meantime? What am I supposed to be doing while I wait?

The quote above is one I’ve heard people throw out a lot in response to to these questions.

Those are profound words and people throw them out a lot- Facebook/ Twitter statuses, sermons, conversations. You may have heard those words spoken to you, you may have even given that advice before! It is up there on the list of  “Quotations-That-Never-Made-Into-The-Bible-Because-The-People-Were-Not Made-By-God-Yet”.

I strongly dislike that quotation. Here is why:

1) People always throw it out in isolation with no qualification or explanation.

It is said a lot and never explained. Yes, it sounds great, but what does it mean?!

What does it mean to have your heart “hidden” in God?

2) It seems to over-mystify the journey towards marriage. Where does intentionality come in?

Is the journey towards marriage some kind of mystical process? The picture I get is all our hearts floating somewhere in the presence of God. Hidden. Oh look, there comes “the one” (though he does not know it), looking for God. And then, “Voila!” there is a heart, all hidden and ready for him!

That sounds really romantic but where is the reality in that? And what is a woman’s role in the process?

3) What if you are not a “hiding” kind of girl, what then?

What do you think? Do you agree with Maya Angelou’s words?

Any Biblical responses to the question: What should I be doing right now? Practically.


One thought on “Hide or Go Seek?

  1. ndophumlani

    My thing is, if hiding yourself in God leaves you feeling lonely and miserable then maybe ,just maybe thats not Gods will,maybe someone misinterpretted the whole thing when the written word was translated form hebrew,why would God want you to hide yourself in him and miss the opportunity of being found by your dream guy who might not be into this whole “hard-to-get” kinda thing,think about it.
    That line sounds like something an insecure femal would use to justify why she doesnt approach a guy she likes,or perhaps someone too stuck up, or maybe someone who is just putting herself under unnecessary pressure instead of just waiting patiently nje.

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