Waiting for God-oh to bring you a boyo? (Part 2)


Trust me it would scare you if you knew what was goin’ on in my brain
Trust me it would scare you that I’ve picked out the church all the schools all the names
If you knew it was all about you- every wish, every candle, every coin in a fountain
Trust me it would scare you

“(I wanna have your) babies”, Natasha Bedingfield

I don’t want to say this is my absolute favourite song but it comes really close! The video was released at a time when I was addicted to TRL (Total Request Live) on MTV. I’d rush home from school on a Friday to catch it at 2PM. I remember relating the words in the song to my current crush (did anyone else do that?) and feeling my heart get all shook up. Such nostalgia 🙂 I love this song and particularly the “trust me” part because it describes a trend I’ve noticed lately.

Part of what’s really hard about the “waiting room” is that there are often people who walk in and make you think, “LORD, is it HIM??” It’s especially hard when these are strong, passionate, pure men who are perfect gentlemen. The kind who will open the door for you and run in the rain to get you an umbrella. The kinds of guys have you going from “Hello” to “I do!” in 30 seconds. In your mind. Here are 2 categories of guys that girls tend to be most vulnerable to:

1 The David

We’ve all had a crush on a worship leader at some point in our Christian lives. But I don’t want to talk about the worship leader crushes today. This David is the average looking guy. He’s the guy who stands in front of you during worship and sings his heart out with raised hands. The guy who cries, not in a wimpy way, but in that strong, silent, powerful way. He worships like there’s no one else watching and when he bows down to kneel before God you’re like, “AH!! WOW!” This guy wear his heart on his sleeve and isn’t afraid to express his emotions.

2 The Samson

Long hair is not required. Neither are good looks. He has that rugged, working man look. This is the guy who can carry 20 chairs in one go with two tables under both arms. The kind of guy you feel safe around. He looks like a guy who could protect, fight off all the bad guys. Strong, reliable, dependable. Another variation of “The Samson” doesn’t necessarily have to be super strong, but be a guy who uses what strength he has to serve people. So he’s the guy who’ll turn around from where he was going and walk you all the way home. Or help you carry your groceries.

So the way it goes is usually that you’ll meet him and when you leave you’ll immediately think of ways that God might  make your paths cross again. At the next Bring and Share picnic, in a supermarket queue, in the streets of a poverty-stricken or war-torn country where you’ve both been deployed as missionaries. At some point he’ll have the courage to proclaim his undying love for you and he’ll propose. And you’ll both look into each others eyes and it’ll be so right! A few seconds later, you’re sitting in the park watching your cute kids play and squeal and he looks at you and you remember that first day that you met…

Crazy. But true.

So, how does God propose that we deal with these feelings and thoughts that seem to have a life of their own? More in my next post! For now, let me know what you think and feel free to add your own categories!


3 thoughts on “Waiting for God-oh to bring you a boyo? (Part 2)

  1. Sihle'sam

    Hahahahahaha I have someone who comes to mind when I read on the Samson kind of man, but my thoughts don’t go that far with him. I just admire the manliness (if there’s such a word).

  2. Wanani

    Everything you wrote is crazy but true for real!!!! I ocassionally find myself looking around at all my friends who are married, and expecting their first kids and im like “what about me?!” and then often enough, God will remind me to stop looking around and refocus on Him. He alone knows the plans he has for me and they are super awesome! More than i could ever want or dream or imagine. I have to trust that ALWAYS. Im also learning not to view those Davids and Samsons as ‘potentials’ but rather as brothers-as a way of living beyond those ooh-aaah emotions/feelings that so easily entrap so many young ladies… LOOKINH FORWARD to part 3!!! #encouraged #inspired

    • Excellent Wanani! Exactly 🙂 It’s all about trusting in God’s plans and not letting our emotions lead us. But it’s SO HARD!!!! Especially when everyone else is getting hooked up…

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